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The \year=2004 TeX calendar features 13 pictures by Duane Bibby, of which ten are new. The others are taken from the books by Donald Knuth.


  • 29 ISO A4 pages (12 months plus title page plus short introduction to TeX and Metafont)
  • two pages per month: a picture and a calendarium
  • trilingual calendarium (german/english/french) with important dates in the TeX history and dates of TeX conferences in 2004
  • protective cover and backcover
  • spiral calendar binding
  • price: 14,957,95
  • CIP-Data:
    the \year=2004 TEX calendar
    Erschienen im Verlag der Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung
    ISBN 3-936427-90-9
  • All profits from the calendar go into the TeX Merchandising Fund

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The \year=2004 TeX calendar: title
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